Saturday, 26 June 2010


the day after.

Army boots. Scuffed. Stains of recognizable origin on tips pale and dark.

Chain dog leash. One end, tied to radiator. Other end, loose on the floor like snake, head cut off.

Interrupted trail of redbrown leading to kitchen. Rolled into corner; yellow gas canister, bottom smeared in blood and clinging tissue.

Body shiny and naked, shuffles in. Dangling from edge of couch, soles stiff, layered with semisolid waste matter as if charred.

On the table, a cookie, picked to crumbs. Syringe, needle down into glass half-empty with red water. Crumpled pack of Marlboro Lights. Dog-eared book of poetry.

Weary back of hand brushing forehead leaving slither of reddish evidence.

deafening silence, like in the aftermath of a scream.

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