Tuesday, 29 June 2010


the thoughts that are not mine:

bleed for your country

bleed for God

bleed for politics

bleed for love

bleed for life

bleed your labouring hands

bleed for wife, kids, the house on the hill, the german car, 'n sunshines

but for me, it only was:

bleeding fuckeing queer

why is your inner thigh bleeding

bleeding yourself is no right, you have self-destructive urges, it's sick, you suicidal?

i'm gonna bleed you, you fuck

bloody hell, he's crying

what's these bloodstains in your underwear?

you a girl? you bleeder? ha ha haaaa

"he was found bleeding from the rectum"

babe, i'm gonna bleed into you



  1. I guess you know that in plenty of places it was seen as necessary for boys to bleed, to be bled or something. regularly & ritualisticly - "anally in the north, urethally in the south - and the eroticised nosebleeding in the highlands"
    says this thing i just read. particularly like the eroticised nosebleed - you know? my weird fetishes have this sound cultural/anthropological basis ... this writing just made me think of that, sorry.
    I'm really liking your stuff & the pictures.
    Thank you

  2. The weirdest thing: i think that as u werw writing this here i was writing sth at your blog. This is an excellent quote, where does it come from, concerning what? Every bleeding is kind of erotic (eroticized?) for me. I love it that your fetishes have such noble basis, really. Did the fetish come before or after?
    I'm LOving your writing, man, what an ahonour and how stupird of me i dodn't write u soomer!
    (soorry, am a bit drunk/high, not at the best of whatever flimsy cognitive abilities)
    Thank you!

  3. and
    bloody hell
    bloody brilliant
    Nick XX

  4. uh huh - i am loving synchronicity
    idk for sure - i think i paraphrased it from some thing about papua new guinea. it is pretty cool. i want so much a clear description of how the nosebleeds are induced. in some precise detail & wth illustrations...
    uh - the fetish came 1st i think - like other peoples bleeding, my own blood in public is just embarrassing & happens so often

  5. blood is at once terrifying and fascinating - how better to know you are alive than to watch yourself bleed but go too long and you put that in jeopardy, no?

  6. babe,
    i'm gonna bleed into you.

    holy shit.
    true romance.

    all the beast,

  7. u r nerstes aka asexual aka dogboy

  8. Nick,

    thank you, i'm about to try sth with that control issue, at least control when it comes to form if not content.


  9. Changeling,

    I would love to see you write a detailed description of it, i'm sure it'd be gorgeous. I think bleeding in public is a romantic sign of vulnerability, even though it depends on the context i think.

    Lots of love

  10. goleftatthefork,

    sometimes i think it's this pushing at the limits of life/death that can sometimes make one feel alive. I wouldn't know.


  11. dusty rose,

    it's my twisted idea of romance anyway.

    Right back at ya, man!

  12. Columbo, i'm touched and honoured!

    Pleased to meet you, and you are?