Monday, 26 July 2010


Little johnny
Don’t go out playing naked
With the water hose
On your naked white
Little bubble butt
Cos there’s perverts out there, johnny
After your naked white
Little bubble butt
Someone you know and trust
Your good Samaritan neighbour
That your retarded momma knows and trusts
And he’s watching ya
Behind the fence
Or across the street, behind the curtain
He’s watching
Your naked white
Little bubble butt
And you playing
Naked and white
With the water hose
On such a hot day
And you bend in innocence to water the flowers
And he gasps in pleasure watering his desire
For naked white
Little bubble butts
It could be someone you call friend,
or Uncle,
Who buys you candy all the time
And wants you to sit on his lap
And stares as you take broad sweeps of the lollipop
With your tiny, lollipop-coloured tongue
The one who says “good boy johnny”
The one who pats your head and his touch lingers
The one who says
“you and me we’re best buddies, johnny”-

Little johnny,
Don’t you go sucking that lollipop too much
You don’t get the implications now
But you will
Cos you might end up
All naked on his lap
“let’s play a game, johhny”
“you’re gonna like it, johnny”
“this is a secret between best buddies, johnny”
And he’ll fiddle with your willy, johnny
And he’ll stand you in the middle of his room, johnny
“I promise you’ll like this game, johnny”
And he’ll open his mouth, johnny
And make a lollipop outta you, johnny
He’ll lick your lil willy and lil balls, johnny
He’ll swallow them up
And suck hard
Like you do with candy, johnny
And you might like it, johnny,
Or you might cry, johnny,
Either way, johnny,
You’ll have to live with the shame, johnny-

Little johnny,
Stood in the middle of his room
All naked and trembling
With your lil willy and lil balls
Into his big bad mouth
What you gonna do, johnny
What you gonna do now?
“I tole you it’d be fun”
“now your turn, johnny”
“make me feel good, johnny”
And little johnny
You’re knelt in the middle of his room
Oh johnny
“open your sweet lil mouth johnny”
And you’ll get cross-eyed johnny
From looking at that big ugly thing
Like a piece carved from wood
Sticky white cream at top
“lick it, johnny”
“lick the cream, johnny,”
“take it in your hand, johnny”
Little fingers around big veiny thing
And he’ll laugh, johnny
I know he will
And dab his big veiny thing
Against your shiny red lips
And push the creamy top in
And gasp, johnny
He’ll make animal noises, johnny
But don’t be scared
You brought this upon yourself, johhny
No buts, johnny
“now open wider”
“it doesn’t hurt, johnny, does it?”
But you’re choking, johnny
And he’s lost, johnny
Pressing his big fat hand
On your skinny little back of your neck
Forcing it in
Growls with joy at
Your little teeth
Scraping along
His big fat veiny thing
And put a thumb in and puuuuull your
Lil mouth open until it hurts, johnny
And you weep, johnny
Careful, johnny, this-
Oh fuck-
This will just get him-
Fuck, johnny
Wilder, johnny
You sob around the big fat veiny thing
And he
And your mouth spitting cream, johnny
Cream brimming
Cream leaking from your mouth, johnny
Cream dripping from corners of your mouth, johnny
And cream up your nose
It stings
And stinks, johnny
I know
“tole you is all good fun between buddies”

But it’s not the end of it
Oh,no, johnny
“my turn”
And he’s back
With his mouth
Clamped around your
Lil willy and lil balls
And big fat finger snaking up
Your lil ass
Up your naked white
Little bubble butt
And big fat finger
Poking in
It stings
And it stinks
I know, johnny, goddamn,
Told you not to,
Told you to be careful
Big bad finger creeping in
And your sobs muted now
Just water down your face
“lemme taste your lil willy cream”
“lemme taste your sweet boy cream”
Hey, fuckhead,
Can’t you see he’s too young for this?
But no end
No end till craziness ends
And his eyes glaze over
With malice
With need
With piercing desire
You haven’t given him
What he was after
The trophy
And The worst is yet to come
You know how I know, johnny?

Cos you’re dropped on the bed, johnny,
And your ass in the air, johnny,
And his fingers up your ass, johnny,
And his mouth up your ass, johnny,
Your naked white
Little bubble butt
And you
With thumb into mouth
Close your eyes
And make this go away
Haha, johnny, sorry, never will
Never does
You know how I know, johnny?

Cos it smells of spit,johnny
Spit and shit, johnny
Cos he’s grunting plastered against
Your back, johhny
Your skinny sweaty white back
And it hurts, johnny,
Fuck, I know it does,
Cos he’s shoving it in, johnny
Bit by bit, johnny,
Starved, johnny,
Crazy, johnny,
Like an animal, johnny,
And there’s blood, johnny,
And tears, johnny,
Up your naked white
Little bubble butt, johnny
There’s dribble of cum, johnny,
But you’ve no idea, johnny,
But it hurts, johnny,
It stings, johnny
Bit by bit, johnny
All the meat in, johnny
All the fat big veiny meat
Up your naked white
Little bubble butt, johnny
And fingers clutching at your hips
At your neck
At your shoulders
Ready to break, johnny
Ready to choke, johnny
No air, johnny
Bruises, johnny,
Which means lies, johnny,
Which means darkness,johnny,
Be careful, johnny,
He’s coming, johnny,
Inside you, johnny,
Inside that
Naked white
Little bubble butt

And then more candy, johnny
And “it’ll be our little buddy secret, johnny”
And “don’t you tell your momma, johnny”
“because I’ll sneak in the house at night, johnny,
And I’m gonna do the same to your momma, boy.”
“I’m gonna kill your momma, johnny”
“and you asked for it, johnny”
“it was fun, johnny”
“now shoosh johnny”
“be a good boy johnny”
“see you around johnny”
“or else I’m telling your momma what a little bad boy her little Johnny is”
So lie johnny
Lie for the blood in the pants
Lie for the sore mouth, johnny
Lie for the tears and screams, johnny
Lie for the pleasure, johnny
You’re gonna have to live with this
All your life, johnny
I told you, johnny
And how did I know, johnny?

Well, johnny,
A long long time ago,
They used to call me johnny too.

This is a poem i could call Little Johnny or All Little Boys are Little Cocksuckers, haven't decided yet. dedicated to little boy across sreet.


  1. Dogboy

    This is brilliant, scary and so near the mark that I nearly cried for something that happened a lifetime ago.

    Yes, I told all of those lies as well.

    A really stunning piece


  2. Malcolm, so fucking sorry, yeah? it's like, I have so many questions to ask, and that is the only way I can form them.By sometimes writing shit and stuff.

    Thank you for bearing with me.

  3. kinkynik:thank you once more, man.

  4. Nick, thankd you, it means a LOT coming from you, my prince.