Friday, 30 July 2010

34. this is not a tweet(2)


still waiting for a change.
i need a change.
a dramatic one.
but it's not that kind of pill.
i think i'm gonna take a shower.
my armpits smell weird.
(there's always a vague hope i'll fall in the tub and break my neck)
i'm scared that i might fall in the tub and break my neck and my door will be locked and no-one will be able to come in and save me or collect my dead body until it starts to smell.
my door is a security door.
but two people have keys.
i have to be serious and careful and responsible about this.
lock the door but don't leave the key on.

nothing's happening.


  1. I love the structure you have used to hold this piece its great. The ending is wow and clever and scary, good stuff.
    byw Mary and the Boy theres some syuff on you tube..check it out there and tell me what you think.
    Have a good weekend
    Nick x

  2. Lol, well the end is pretty mych true LOL
    Thank you, you're like one of those writers who set the standards so i'm justtrying to catch up.
    Sure, will do, will do.
    i'm hoping for an uneventful weekend, how about you? whatever it is, have a great one!
    Love to ya

  3. I think I am going to bike around a lot this weekend, trek some and write too, thats about it

  4. Nick, sounds mellow and quiet and relaxing,sounds PURRFECT can I come bike along with you?
    Half of my wekend was wasted in having a nervous melt-down of sorts and today, i'm just gonna try amd pace myself so nothing like yesterday happens again today.You sound like you're in a peaceful place, I'm so fucking glad.

    all the love in the world

  5. I would like to invite you over to my blog to check it out. God bless. Lloyd