Friday, 30 July 2010

37. this is not a tweet (5)


out of shower.
smell of bamboo flavored soapy thing under armpits and balls
hopefully up butt too
this noon, i'm gonna play with myself.
maybe leave the cam open, too.
maybe not.
i hate metal heads.
i hate heavy metal music.
sorry, it's all a matter of taste but i just had a vision
lure a metal head up at my room
grab him by his stupid passe hairdo
and bang his slack-jawed, empty head into the wall
we're gonna do some serious headbanging now dude
and then i'm going too shave his head
and make his stuppid iron-maiden-and-manowar-singing mouth
eat my dick
and then i'm gonna make him
no, i'm gonna shove his boot up his arse
and strnagle him with the shoelace
Oh fuck, and i hate the grandberries too(cranberries?)
and Bono, boy do i hate Bono

no changes yet
just getting a little erratic here

of course you realize these are all fantasies
you do realize there's no shaved metal-head dude tied in my bed right now?
with a smelly sodden sock into his mouth
peace, man. "enter night, exit light, dude."

it's funny how
when you need your friends
they forget all about you
not even a phone call
or a text message
their big fucking words
cut their tongues out and feed it to them
i don't have any friends anyway
i forgot

now it's 13:20 and nothing has changed still.
so many zeros make me want to slit my throat.

i never had the chance to tell them i'm needy
and when i'm needy
i'm dangerous

rage: check
motivated: check
active: check
energy: up
fuck, seems like the fall is gonna be massive. I can feel it as we speak.


insanity fast approaching.
it's gonna be massive.
wonder if it's a side-effect?
fuck, people who like heavy metal must be retarded.
you realize, this is not me speaking now, right?

It's the drugs.
Drugs come with love.

Why are all my memories so cliched?



  1. I totally agree about bonio but I couldn't live without Black Sabbath.

  2. Black sabbath are good. Hmm, i might be having like a different kind of standard in my mind. Like Manowar. Like...AOR? i don't even know if it belongs to the real heavy metal genre.Think Van Halen.

  3. Van Halen was one of the best debut albums ever.

    It is so lively then they morphed into a parody of themselves and became a big hair bubble gum band.
    Shame 'cos Eddie could play the guitar.