Sunday, 8 August 2010


-Maybe it just makes me angry, to see you like this. Doing such thimgs to yourself. Putting yourself in danger, plus- not applying yourself enough-
-I just want what's best for you.
-And how the fuck you know what's best for me?
-This can't be it.
-This, meaning me fucking you for money?
-You're not fucking me for money. We're lovers.
-Fuck, this is crazy.What fucking world you live in?
-I wish you wouldn't speak like this-
-Like what?
-Like a stupid cunt.
-I thought you liked fucking stuppid cunts.
(wedding ring takes a tiny piece of skin with it, the boy blinks and sucks blood from bottom lip)
-Now look...look what you...I just wish you treated yourself better than this. Baby. Don't smirk.(clenching and unclenching fist) Please. You're a smart boy. I mean, you're clever. Don't fuck your life up.
-Yeah.'re right.I'm gonna be just like you when I grow up. Number fucking one, make my momma proud for once.make you proud.
(fist driven into cheekbone, boy falls down, holding the side of his face,man leans over boy, sheen of sweat on forehead, well-manicured index wiggling in front of boy's dazed face)
-Now you're just being sarcastic. Fuck, you know I hate it when you're being sarcastic. Don't smirk at me. Don't, don't do it, fuck boy
(man punches boy's eye)
I told you
(man punches boy's face, a crackilng sound)
(man grabs boy's head)
(man slams boy's head aginst floor)
(man slams boy's head again)
at me!
(boy's skull gives in, man's fingers get blood on them, boy's eyes rolling inside their niches)


  1. I remember those conversations, they were always so helful and informative, they also gave me a real hard on for blood.
    Hope you all good, thanks for the good words at DC's too.
    Nick XX

  2. I remember that I could not win,
    Nothing I did would satisfy him,
    He would beat me black and blue,
    Then he'd say 'look what you made me do'
    Things continued on this way,
    But I grew bigger than him one day.

  3. Nick, and with that blood let's scrawl inane poetry on the walls and ceilings.sorry i'm really incongruous today. I didn't have the chance to say sth in the second podt of your story at DC's but, hey, quite the triumph, aye? I'm glad for you, i can't even imagine the elation.

    take care you!and really you're moving to Spain? may i ask which place? and boy you must speak mean Spanish, right?


  4. Steppenwolf,
    how do you do this?What an amazing ability!I couldn't rhyme if my life depended upon it, well, especially then Lol

    take care!

  5. i really love this

  6. Killer Luka,
    i love you.