Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Pride:can you read between the lines? Can u read between my lines?can you find the hidden text?can you find the lost subtext? would you like a photo of my ass with that? I promise i will let you rim me for hours, i will make all your fantasies come true, just say you like me words, just say you like me.


  1. I like your words. I'd probably like you too, but why on earth would I expect payment of any kind? People who actually care don't.

  2. Honey, so long as I've got a face, you've always got somewhere to sit.

  3. You do us a favour by sharing your thoughts and words. I've told several friends about you. You can write. You can write very well.

  4. read between your vertical lines?
    your lost submarine? Your ass and a burger and fries, k thnx. nice rims, dawg. i don't like you at all but i like being pressed to death by your words cuz i am a bitch and you are my witch.

  5. "Everything has a price, mister" It's maybe some ppl like you cos subconsciously they want sth from you, and thru this friendly support-encouragement-compliment thing they get to the insecurities where mosters dwell and when those monsters are appeased, the grateful bearer will roll over and want to please those ppl. Am i making any sense here? Obviously i'm not talking about u or anyone else here, it's just some kind of general...fact.Some ppl cajole their way into ur heart, telling what u want to hear and making you theirs to fuck over etc.etc. In a perfect world of perfect beings,things would be exactly as u said above. And i know ur one of those kind ppl who'd never ask for anything in return.
    Love to ya

  6. SB, thanks. Really. Thanks. I don't know. I shouldn't care.
    "Now I know I'm being used
    But that's okay man cause I like the abuse
    I know he's playing with me
    But that's okay cause I've got no self esteem"


  7. kinkynik,
    how kind of you!I meant kinky.No, i meant kind. Kind you are.


  8. Steppenwolf,
    it feels like i'm fishing for compliments here. I'm not. But maybe, deep down, I am *that* desperate. A whore for praise, amidst other things LOL
    Thank you for eevrything.
    Love&respect to u wolfboy!

  9. Plexus,
    can you read my diagonal lines?That's where all the magic lies LOL
    Take care my man!
    dB XX