Thursday, 29 July 2010


- Into movement, quick!

- his voice is drowned in inextinguishable childish grief, in saliva, snot, and tears. The smell intensifies with his disrobing, which he carries out to eye, his to mine.

- He writes, he draws, often with his own blood, at times, he scarifies his body. He offers me slashed, bloodied skin to caress, in the sweat of our embraces or our housework.

- Noureddine first appears, nineteen...the only one i do not touch, because, though i don't know it at the time, he will later become....the leading figure of my fictions...:a whore at first, who is set free, and then a whore again, escorted from one bordello to the next, although he himself leads the way.

- i let myself be led by whomever i encounter, where they will.

-i take more pleasure in discovering lives, in peering under roofs....than in consuming pleasure, which is close to nothing compared to my writing, and yet which is intensified by the circumstances, the places, the bodies, ludicrous, sometimes dangerous.

- drugs come with love.

-he is the one i would have liked to be, simple, subtle, and beautiful like Nature and commerce

-but the work is here, beneath my fingertips, the voices thast i must set free from my guts.

-all internal order is thrown into disarray.

-who?what/what shock will lift me from this mute terror?

                         Coma- pierre guyotat


  1. Hey ya Dogboy,

    I caught your comment on Nicks and DC's asking about creative writing courses. Honestly, you don't need it, and anyoe ho does will never amount to any kind of a writer.

    Ok, I can understand someone wanting to learn grammar. It's boring, and once you know it you can dismiss it, but it's kindaimportant if you want to b published. But you cannot learn to write creatively, you can only lose your uniqueness in them places. Why is someone teaching crreative writing? It means they'r not earning a living themselves by it! Your best creativ writing courses, if you want one, is reading and watching what other writers you admire are doing. Learn the rhythm, the structure, how they delve into their subjects and what questions they ask or answer. Writing is in the eyes. If you see the world in a certain way, writing it will come naturally and easily. Of course, if you want to try a creative writing course do so, but I will guarantee you this: they will rubbish you on subject and completely miss the poetry. Creative writers write 5 minute tea break stories for your grandma. That's what it is. Don't pay to lose your soul.

    Does that sound like I'm anti-creative writing courses? lol. haha...

    You take care... Shane. x

  2. Hey Shane, HI!
    Oh-uh.Shit.Actually, i had this concern as well. But I've got so little to work on, i mean, you say "watch the structure, rhythm, etc" of your favorite artists. I don't know how to go about with that.(i just saw you have a new post over at memoires, whoo-hoo, going there right after this)I guess i feel i need to learn the basics, but i know, you're right, the rules, the basic lines, the restraints they impose on you, i might end up worse than i am already. perhaps if there was creative writing project, haha!That'd be cool.maybe it's that chaos in me needing to be ORDERED in order to do/finish sth or else who knows where i might end up.
    Thnak you man for caring that much. Your work is one of thosei watch closely just in case i learn.
    Pfff, nah, you're no anti-creative writing, i'm just way conservative sometimes.


  3. Dogboy,

    I think more than anything take notice of rhythm. How the words soundand flow. It should be poetry. Read aloud what you've written and imagine how that goes through someons head. Does it flow like smokey silken dreams, or does it get all caught and chewed up and hard to make out?

    Read writers not for the story, but for how they get their personality onto the page. Try to write in the style of them, just to get it - understand how they think and feel when writing like that. You'd be very surprised how close you can get to understanding authors by imitating them for a day.

    Keep an eye out on how writers start sentences, how they introduce characters and themes. What words you can associate with writers. Here who's this:

    or something?
    I guess

    I think it's a natural thing (writing). I was chucked out of school at 13, never learnt English/grammar/writing/literature, etc. I just read and studied from there. But it wasn't easy. It was frustrating and annoying at times. I couldn't arrange sentences... I was falling in and out of tense But as each prob came up I retook up my Orwell books, or tapped a question into google, and grdually it all came together and then started to come easily. Like anything in life, if you've a great passion or obsession, you will claim it. In that way art is very tragic... it has to be.

    Until I sneeze and end up here again, Take Care DogBoy,x.

  4. Shane, hiya!Your advice made me think and made me think hard. I don't remember of evrything that i thought, but your advice is very much appreciated. I've never read aloud any of the stuff i;ve wriiten cos i belive this would sound somewhat ridiculous(what i wrote not me reading it)Just for the record, every word i write feels caught or chewed up, even though i think everything is pretty obvious.sometimes, especially if i'm to write a whole, completed piece, the words, they are as if stuck in some piece of rock and i have to put all my strength to just claw them out, and even when i got them on the page or the screen they're disformed and i can't whip em into shape no matter what, i'm their slave, helpless with fucking words.

    Believe me, i have done my share of imitation but i have failed and that fucking sucks cos it seems i must be so fucking self-involved that i just can't seem to see or get or understand anything beyond my personal crap,which is a no-no for any artist, rihght, this lack of perception, mine is so limited and maybe it's the drugging/drinking or maybe not. I do admire the way some writers or even bloggers can take out their persoanilty in theur words, nomatter what the words are there's their presence and their uniqueness and rhythm and personality behind them and this is what glows on the page or screen. Like you, or Nick, or Changeling. I can try to imitate you but i will fail miserably LOL

    Yes, if there's a passion and if there's obsession or NEED I guess there's also perseverence. I guess it's like religion in a way, you gotta believe. Oh, "i guess" : was that me, or sth? LOL

    Thnaks for taking the time to enlighten a fellow blogger. You are a great guy, man. Respect.

    the dogboy