Thursday, 29 July 2010

30. role play

I'm gonna light a cigarette and pretend the smoke drowns the boredom.
I'm gonna watch some porn and pretend i'm the guy sandwisched between and jammed by the two big cocks of my costars.
I'm gonna come and pretend i'm not empty.
I'm gonna listen to a song and pretend i know the lyrics i'm screaming.
At night, in a dark room, one lamp shedding weak sick light, I'll kneel and pretend I love you.
At night, on the bed, you will whisper praying sobs up my ass and pretend you love me.
At night, your fingers tied, tautening, firming around my tracchea, your revenge throbbing inside me (pain or repentance), air leaving me in gasps, we can pretend we are in love.
And that love will save us.

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