Tuesday, 3 August 2010

45. personal jesus

I will cook for you
This is what i've been taught my entire life
Do you like chicken?
You want fries with that?
Let me make you happy.
I'll sit quietly in my corner
and watch you eat.
Trhow the bones at me
I will lick them
and be grateful.
I'll come nuzzle your ankle
smell the leather
rub your sole against my face
i'll chew your calluses
from a hard day's work on your feet
Just let me rest my head between your legs
where it's warm and hard
and later you can nail me on the bed
Position my hands against the headboard
Place a nail in the middle of my palm
And strike
And do it again to the other hand
I won't try to escape
I will suffer for your sins
I wil suffer for ours.


  1. i like how i started off thinking you were making him out to be your personal jesus and by the end you are mock-crucifying yourself. and the opening line is killer. have you read 'waiting for godot'? i got a bit of that vibe, as in the scene with the rich man and his slave and the chicken.

  2. syreearmwellion:

    Thank you very much-no, i haven't, but it should be on my reading list, no? Thanks again.


  3. For even Angels sing he who kneels is King. I enjoyed this one immensely, sex and power is always fascinating, your writing does the subject justice, bravo - again.

  4. Steppenwolf, your words are my drug, thank you so very much-