Tuesday, 10 August 2010


watching the guy on the rooftop.
a shadow moving around behind rails.
the kind wind keeps blowing my candle out every once in a while.
i've never seen him up there before.
but there are some pots of flower.
so maybe that's what he does, watering the flowers.
i'm just watching.
waiting for him to take the plunge.

and when i look around, i'm on a rooftop.
a shadow moving around behind rails.
the kind wind keeps ruffling my hair.
there are no pots of flowers here.
and across the street, on a rooftop, they are watching.
waiting for me to take the plunge.


  1. hii
    This blows.
    this is kind of cheeseball but i like the idea of breeze in your hair cus you are so mysterious and Jesus is wondering if your hair is as luscious as his in the breeze so when I say "this blows", I mean it.

    but i just love your work and told everyone I know in my life to read your work.
    Love you soooo sooo sooooo soo much.
    You are the best of the Cooperettes.

  2. ok... the breeze in your hair is from the tsunami of air forced up by the gravity of a body falling in space.
    or maybe it's from the vacuous city.
    same thing, eh?


  3. LOL, I really can't tell if "blows" is a bad or good thing,but yesh, yesh, my hair is mysteriously luscious and winds and breezes just want to live in my luscious hair forever!Aww, you are really making me blush, this is so kind generous amazing of you, i'm...i'm speechless. Thank you from the bottom (of my heart).And i love you sooo sooo much too, i'm even tempted to insert emoticon here.

    The air is: as i was falling down the hair was going up, oh yes, gravity and its quuer tricks...

    take care you, Killer Luka, my lurv.