Wednesday, 11 August 2010


His toenails are too long so he scratches my legs
when we fool around.
His legs got no hairs. He's five years older
than me.
His eyes are full of dreams even
when he's smashed.
He's savvy and tough but I feel
protective over him.
His saliva tastes sweet but his armpits and butthole
reek sharp.
He's better than me at Wii but I let him
win anyway.
I've never been poor but he's always been poorer so everything in my place
is 'lavish' to him.
He's got holes in his socks and tears in his
He sits on my couch, knees doubled to his chest, picking on his big toenail
while I make us dinner, then kicks my ass at videogames.
On my bed, he sprawls against the sheets making a mess
out of them.
His eyes are full of dreams when i
suck him off.
His vertebrae are like little balls floating up and down beneath
his skin,
while he pumps his ass into my face,
and I breathe this strange sharp addictive smell, wanting to
This made me happy for about five seconds or for as long it
took me to write this.

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